I would like to write Masters thesis about ethereum or blockchain technology but I can't think of what unique scientific contribution would the thesis have



I would like to write Masters thesis about blockchain. My idea was about Ethereum and its transition from PoW to PoS. I wanted do analysis of both mechanisms, analysis of the reason of the change and then do a comparison and make a evaluation of the transition itself. But I was told that this is indeed interesting field of study but the thesis wont have any unique scientific contribution.

I am not expert in blockchain technology, I only know the basics of cryptography, hash functions, ciphers, basics of blockchain... I thought that writing thesis about this field would be good opportunity to learn more and also fulfill my study responsibilities.

I feel dumb and not smart enough to come with something new that noone have done before, that scientific contribution that is needed.

So I would like to ask if anyone could help me with some ideas what I should study in that thesis and what could be my unique scientific contribution.

Thank you very much for any response :)