I'm confused on a transaction. Need help.


So say I want to copy this transaction: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xf4cf0c28c014dd54bd1453b0a92514111ffce2f5584d47beabbc6db2253597fd

This transaction uses the method "swap tokens for exact tokens". The value on etherscan says '0' even though they spent exactly 0.023452603716565196 Ether for the transaction to buy this specific coin on uniswap.

Because it uses the method "swap tokens for exact tokens", it has thing's like "amountOut" and "amountInMax". The "amountInMax" value is 0.039248390898042606 Ether which is different from the actual amount that was used in this specific transaction.

So what I want to ask is will my bot still be able to copytrade in this case this specific transaction and be able to copy the same amount of Ether used? Like will my bot use 0.023452603716565196 Ether which is the actual amount used, 0.039248390898042606 Ether which is the amountInMax value or nothing?

Or because my bot is scanning the mempool will this transaction when it was still unconfirmed in the mempool just display the actual amount of 0.023452603716565196 Ether used and my bot copies that.