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I’m a small Trader using the Stellar Network to keep track of outside investors

I was trading publicly (public excel spreadsheet listing all open/closed trades) until January with a proven 250+ positive trades in a row. Back then, I have been asked by several people if I would accept to trade their portfolio for them but denied. But as with everything, I thought about how I would solve this without the need to develop a whole script with login, passwords, security etc. You know… just in case. After taking a hiatus from trading, I got back into it recently and was asked again. I thought a lot about paying dividends when the portfolios value rises, either in form of XLM or in form of new shares of the DIRK token that I created for this purpose on the Stellar Network. This would involve a lot of manual work especially in a case where someone wants to cash out their investment. The tokens value would stay the same since the additional value would simply be paid out, while losses wouldn’t reflect at all. This won’t work! The solution is simple: - Adjusting the price of the token according to the portfolios value - Set up buy-back offer for 10% of tokens sold This way, every investor pays the exact value in XLM per share. Previous investors that want to take profit can sell their tokens at the increased buy-back offer. The token price is public and will be updated accordingly in regular intervals. Also, investors are able to trade among each other using the SDEX. Using the [first weeks re-cap]( as example, the ones buying the token right at the start at 10 XLM/DIRK can now sell it at 10.5371189 XLM – an increase of 5.37% If you want to know more about this project, feel free to visit my blog: or read [How to buy the DIRK token.](
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Fake news is becoming more prevalent; example of someone handing out real-looking but fake copies of the Washington Post newspaper (see tweet). Fake news dominates in the crypto space, so this is just another reminder to always think critically and use multiple sources for information.

[email protected] you might want to deal with the lady handing out fake copies of the Post outside Union Station. I tried to explain why this is problematic but she wasn’t having it.
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