I hold Eth and I hold Xrp. Do not ignore the SEC signals right now. They are gearing up to come after ETH. One reason….disgorgement. XRP, ETH, Library and exchanges are now all on the same team.

18D Ago
You can ignore it all you want and bury your heads in the sand or start paying very close attention. The Xrp community has been saying for some time, Gary is kitting up to come after Eth. They see big dollars in fines. The how it’s going to happen I’m unsure of, but they have already signed they are looking at ETH. I see a lot of comments in here like “yawn” and “what are they going to do”……. As someone who has followed the Xrp case carefully the sec is a very powerful organisation. They weaponise lawsuits. Right now, favourable outcomes in the Xrp and lbry lawsuit will favour ETH. The judges appear to see straight through what the sec is trying to do in stretching the howey test beyond oblivion.