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I heard there are at least 4 ways DeFi can generate passive income. Which one would you recommend?

I find the most interesting aspect for DeFi participants is to effortlessly make a profit simply by leveraging existing crypto capital. As far as I know, just by staking the assets people own into DeFi protocols and earn profit commonly referred to in the space as “yield". So I found the following options: Yield Farming, Liquidity Providing for token pairs, Staking, and Lending. Almost all of them offer to earn income that will accrue steadily. All it takes is a little initial capital and a little bit of patience. Probably the simplest option I found on the market is the [Midas Yield]( platform, yet their highest APY is something like 13%. Is this ok for the market, or are there much higher interest rates? I am still confused and would like to seek views and opinions from more advanced users. What would you say? What is your experience?
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