I built an ERC20 tip bot for Gitter, Discord, Slack, and IRC! Feel free to check it out. I'm still generating the README and cleaning the messy codebase though.

github.com5y ago
A Modular Tip Bot for ERC20s

Modular tip bot made for multiple chat interfaces, databases, and Ethereum connections.

Configuration variables to edit to make are at the top of each file.

Discord is functional. Make a Bot User and add it.

Gitter is functional. Make a GitHub account for the bot and then sign that up for Gitter. Use CURL and their API to get Channel IDs.

Slack requires a few edits to main.js so it likely works with oddities right now. It connects with a real user, and unsecured IRC (secured makes a minimal difference).

IRC connects to a not registered nickname. I'll try to add NickServ compatibility later. It's based off slack.js (based off the IRC protocol), so it will also have a few oddities.

Made with the help of 17robots.

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