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Humans of Ethereum - Episode 1 - Austin Griffith

Welcome to the first episode of #HumansOfEthereum, a new show focused on telling the human story behind the exciting technology of the Ethereum space. In this episode we interview Austin Griffith, creator of the Burner Wallet ( Support Austin's work on the Burner Wallet by helping fund his Gitcoin grant here: Check out Austin's previous project, Galleass, which we also discuss on this episode: Check out awesome free music for creators by Joseph McDade, who composed the free tune used in this show: you're interested in helping host or produce future episodes, or to nominate people to be interviewed, reach out at #HumansOfEthereum via Gitcoin:

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0x Blog: Access all DEX liquidity through 0x API

We are starting the year (and the decade) with a bang! Today we are excited to introduce 0x API. We designed the 0x API to make it easy for DeFi developers like you to tap into both off-chain and…
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The 1.x Files: The Stateless Ethereum Tech Tree

I started to write a post that detailed a “roadmap” for Ethereum 1.x research and the path to stateless Ethereum, and realized that it’s not actually a roadmap at all —— at least not in the sense we’r...
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DEX liquidity protocol 0x launches API

0x, the decentralized exchange protocol that facilities peer-to-peer exchange of Ethereum-based assets, today launched the 0x API. The 0x API was designed