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HRD Token Sale Roadmap

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Jun 11

Hoard is raising funds between May 27th and August 24th, 2019. Up to 44% of the total supply of HRD Tokens are available now to active community members. Unpurchased tokens will be locked up at the end of this period. This token distribution event comes after approximately 18 months of development and a series of major milestone achievements. The first product by Hoard — the free and open source software development kit — will be released next month.

A History: Hoard’s Inception to the Token

Hoard came out of stealth mode around January 2018 and is considered to be one of the earliest movers in the blockchain gaming scene. What’s interesting, though, is if you listen to a 2014 episode of the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast, you’ll realize the idea behind Hoard has been around for much longer... percolating in the mind of our product architect and cofounder 👨‍🔬

The timing of Hoard’s launch (beginning of 2018) was an interesting one. We decided to officially launch right at the tail end of the ICO craze when many projects were raising money before developing any kind of proof-of-concept or minimum viable product. Hoard took a firm stance to be different. We stated that we would only make a public offering once we shipped at least an MVP. We instead secured private funding and for the last 18 months worked endlessly to accomplish a handful of major milestones:

Token Sale: Danish Government Approval — Hoard worked with the most transparent government in the world to ensure that the HRD token was legally defined as a utility token and not a security. This was the first time any project accomplished this Game: Plasma Dog — Hoard built not only the first plasma game ever; we built the first plasma dapp ever to be deployed to a public Ethereum network. Play now Game: My Memory of Us — Hoard partnered with Juggler Games to integrate our software development kit with thei...
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