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How will shards interact on ETH 2.0?

Hello. I had read about ETH 2.0, and am still unable to understand how shards will work. I see that Beacon blocks will have a reference to latest known block of each shard and each shard blocks will have the same for Beacon. I suppose that's used so that a Beacon block indicates the state it recognizes and uses on each shard. But how exactly will shards interact? In example. Say that somebody wanna create TokenA. Will he be able to choose on which shard the creation tx will be commited? And once it's done, will TokenA balance on all address be stored to that shard, or will we be able to move some balance to other shards? If we wanna swap TokenA which is on shard1 for TokenB that's on shard3, how will that happen? Using atomic swap? And how about features like liquidity pools. If a smartcontract deployed on shard5 wanna use a pool on shard11, how will it happen? Sorry for so many questions and tnx for any answer :)
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