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How valuable are .eth domains to enterprise companies?

After watching the recent South Park episode (hilarious) about NFT's and Applebee's/Denny's... I started wondering how valuable these .eth domains would be to them over the next few years? It looks like both applebees.eth (not for sale) and dennys.eth (listed for sale at $842k USD/250 ETH) are on OpenSea. Budweiser recently bought beer.eth for about $100k USD which seems like a deal should this momentum continue, considering sold for $7M in 2004 and was sold/valued at $872M when the company was acquired by Gannett for $2.4B in 2014! So, is dennys.eth a good deal where it is priced today, or worth less/more?! Love to hear your thoughts, and/or experiences!
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Ethereum Vs. Sec? (german)

Hey Leute,in diesem Video sprechen wir darüber, ob es zu einen Anschlag auf Ethereum durch die SEC kommen könnte.Geht es demnächst Ethereum an den Kragen, wi...
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Bill strips out *all* administrative process and duration limitations on the Secretary Yellen’s power to condition or prohibit transactions at financial institutions associated with primary money laundering concerns[such as Coinbase/Sanctioning DeFi SC].

@jerrybrito: 1/ 🚨 IMPORTANT 🚨 Included in the America COMPETES Act just introduced in the House, and which will very likely pass in some form, is a provision that would be disastrous not just for cr...
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How does Polygon use Ethereum as L1?

22 Stimmen, 10 Kommentare. I know that Polygon is a scaling solution for Ethereum but I don't know what's the technical relationship between both. I …