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How to Swap Crypto in MEW, in 3 Steps or Less

If you are like many cryptocurrency users out there, you might have a crypto wallet, or even several, and you might be HODLing some Bitcoin and Ether/Litecoin/Ripple, but other than that, you’re not quite sure what to do with crypto. You’re probably not using it to buy coffee, pay rent, or contribute to your 401K. Might as well just leave it in that wallet, right?

Perhaps, as market activity intensifies and some of your crypto friends begin to move their funds around, you get some FOMO, but the barrier to participating is too high and you remain hesitant (which, by the way, is smart — caution is still your best friend in crypto).

Now, Ethereum is a pretty unique blockchain in that it actually offers a LOT to do with crypto besides just holding it or sending transactions. You can play games, collect unique digital objects, earn an annual percentage on your savings, get a loan in minutes, and invest in cool projects. Many of these things are actually quite easy to do, you DON’T have to risk a lot of money, and you can do them in one familiar place — your MEW.

Today, we’ll start out with just one thing you can try out, and that’s swapping currencies.

Did you realize that you can swap more than 150 ERC20 tokens and other coins right inside your MEW wallet, without having to figure out exchanges? Did you know that you can get from no crypto to owning a couple of different currencies in about 3 or 4 steps without ever leaving our interface? You can, and we are going to walk you through those steps, right here.

Step 1: Wallet

If you already have a wallet that you use with MEW, you’re all set, skip right ahead to Step 2!

If you don’t have an Ethereum wallet at all, it’s easy to create one with MEW. Just download our MEWconnect smartphone app, and then use it to securely connect with the web interface. We have great instruction guides and videos to help you.

We DON’T recommend creating wallets with software methods like ...

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