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How to scam $102,860 USD worth of Ethereum in 24 hrs with Slack

How to scam $102,860 USD worth of Ethereum in 24 hrs with Slack

Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is going to the moon

Slack was designed for teams in an organization to collaborate. The concept of a team has a fundamental assumption of trust built into it.

As a result Slack has a bunch of scam vectors.

A lot of cryptocurrency projects are using Slack as a medium of communication. Ethereum introduced the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) concept with its crowd sale. Raising funds before the project was finished in exchange for tokens.

Yielding 96,560%, the Ethereum crowd sale worked out ok for those still holding.

Now if you’re not deep into crypto you might think Ethereum was a fluke. To give you context for why there is epic FOMO happening right now take a look at these returns.

Going to the moon anyone?

Returns like this have never been available before, let alone to regular people. This has lead to a willingness to believe in the unbelievable. Combine:

No regulationNo recourseA direct channel to targetsFOMOUnprecedented gains that put a get rich quick scheme to shame

and you have a scammers paradise.

Attack 1 — Direct Messages

Slack is kind enough to send users an email to let them know they have unread direct messages. Naturally scammers have started sending direct messages to users. This bypasses email scam filters since the email is coming from [email protected]

When an ICO happens the process is communicated through a variety of public channels. These announcements create a very convincing template for scammers to use.

I want a 100% bonus …. like, who doesn’t?

Blockchain provides transparency into how much was scammed. makes it easy to look up transactions on the blockchain to a particular address. Using the address in the scam we can see 106 transactions and a balance of $102,680.35 USD

A variation involves an ale...

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