How to privately transfer coins from one to another address?


Upfront I want to emphasize that my question is not motivated to hide from the government, tax authorities or to hide anything shady/illegal. So I have absolutely no problem at all in using platforms like Coinbase or alike that require an ID verification or do their own "checking" / "reporting" behind the scenes to combat money laundering and the like. My intention is simply to keep my financials (more) "private", from bad actors and prying eyes that could simply use e.g. EtherScan to figure out my balance and my transactions. In an ideal world that wouldn't be necessary but well you wouldn't give anyone read access to your bank account as well. ;-)

With that said and the parameters set, what ways are there to privately transfer coins from one address to another?

I know there are RollUps and side-chains that focus more on anonymity. Also mixers, which in light of current legislation and their attractiveness to criminals, are not an option for me. I read that Coinbase could effectively be used to privately transfer coins (instant send?), even though I fail to see how!? Then their are privacy coins.

But it is really hard to get any actual and current information on the subject with some background info on how and why.

Thanks in advance for any help or information I get!