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The Insurrection is a tactical battle game that is both free to play and play-to-earn. On the Binance smart chain, the game has a war zoned revolution-centric gameplay. The Insurrection is a multi-purpose game with a variety of earning options and an engaging gameplay. The game module was created with the express purpose of letting players earn and invest in cryptocurrency for higher yields. The game begins mirroring the historical uprising of the mutineers of the 300 against the cruelty of the reign in 700 B.C. a victory over the seven Kings. By Olympias Alexander and his allies Thyra and Alanis, the Augrovalon dynasty’s capital of Venezuela was first liberated. The three orphans from three different dynasties who were brought to Venezuela as slaves are Olymias, Thyra, and Alanis. The three friends grow up to become the best warriors the city has ever seen after going through a difficult upbringing. Olympias, Thyra, and Alanis bond over their desire to overthrow tyranny and bring about peace rather than their shared history. Their pursuit of peace sparks a liberation movement that spreads from Venezuela to encompass the entirety of Rome. To re-conquer Rome, mutineers must first develop their strength by passing through the many missions in the early game. **Mission breakthrough:** **START** So how about we start with the early game. What are you attempting to do here, and how might you make it happen? You have endured a dangerous conflict to overcome a tradition. The vast majority of your assets are depleted at this point, so you will do different minor assignments in the game to procure enough of them. When will-adequately off, you’ll spend assets, endeavouring to fabricate your economy and enlist troops to take on a few critical unequivocal conflicts against rivals who are generally pretty much as solid as you. **Discovery of the life support:** As you enter the game, your opening mission will be to locate a lost chest that is holding 1000 gold, bread and armory., enough for you to make through the first few days. In this mission you’ll have to roam around in the game to meet with bystanders and examine nearby things to find any clues on the life support chest. Once you find it, you open it to store and consume the goods in it to increase your strength and chances of your survival in the insurrection. **Kill your enemy:** Immediately after the first mission, your task gets tougher. Now you have to kill or hurt the person that will be assigned to you. To complete this mission, you have to meet different people to find the targeted person. The person will be hiding in one of the buildings, hence you have to enter every building to find him. If you successfully complete this mission successfully, you will receive a knife and 1500 gold. **Discover the great cave:** Discovery of the great cave comes with its own perks and challenges. This mission can be considered difficult, because here you will have to put to use different actions. When you enter the cave, start collecting the signs, these will help you to find your way back out of the cave, and also draw the map of the cave. Another to be aware of it the presence of any monsters or killers in the cave, if you encounter one, use your strongest weapon to defeat them. If you successfully make it out of the cave, you will get three weapons, a map and 2000 gold. **Destruction:** Destruction is one of the main missions in the insurrection. In this mission you will be assigned to destroy something. At first sight it seems easy, but here’s a twist, the location of the thing to be destroyed is unrevealed in the mission. Hence you have to carefully read the instruction and find any clues in it to narrow down your research. If you are able to destroy the assigned thing, you will win 2500 gold. **Rescue someone:** Rescuing your friends comes when they have been caught by the army of the king. In this mission your timing is most important, because any delay on your part can cost your friends their life. This mission is broken down into two tasks: locating their location and the final rescue. If they are rescued, you will receive 3000 gold. **Delivery** After rescuing these people, your next task is to either help them reach a destination or deliver some goods. The true test is again: time. You have to make this delivery in the given time constraint. If you beat the clock, you will receive 4000 gold and a carriage. **Solve the mystery:** After entering the abandoned building, you will be asked to solve the mystery of murder. Three of your mutineers are dead there. You have to find who did it, why they did it, and how they did it. SO you can prevent it in the future. If you successfully solve this mystery, you will win 5000 gold coins. **Prevent something:** After you have solved the mystery of the mysterious murder, you will have put to use your skills again to prevent another attack on your people by the king. Try to gather all the information that you can, and lead the defence. You will receive 5500 gold coins for failing their attack. **Protect them also!** After preventing the attack, the king will be furious. He will send his troops again, but this time, a larger troop. Your task is to defend your people only. In this task make sure your defence strategy is strong, the wall of defence, your archery and your buildings. You have to protect all humans and animals in this task. If they kill any one of them, you will lose. However, if you successfully defend them, you will win 6000 gold coins and material for building reconstruction. **Surveillance:** Finally, you have to do surveillance of your buildings, because the king does not take defeat. He will come again and again. **END** The final stage starts whenever you have brought down adversary traditions (once more), and you have all that you really want to take on the last living line to conquer the different cities of the Roman empire! **Social Media Links:** Website: []( Reddit: []( Github: []( Discord: []( Facebook: [](