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How to participate in the Request Network Token Sale

How to participate in the Request Network Token Sale

Recap Our token sale page: token sale starts on Friday at 09:00 Central European Summer Time (UTC +2)i.e. 00:00 Pacific Daylight Time (UTC -7) — 15:00 China Standard Time (UTC +8)On the first day, there is no rush to participate since everyone is subject to an individual cap.The token sale ends at 9am CEST on October 17 or as soon as the sale hard cap is reached. The hard cap is 100,000 ETH.The Ethereum address of the token sale contract is requestnetwork.eth (0x97208Bf5dC25e6FD4719cfc2A3C1D1A59a974c3b)The Gas price is limited to 49 Gwei. Our recommended gas limit is 200,000.

Only approved registrants are able to participate in the token sale.

You can check your ETH address is registered on our website:

Sale terms and individual caps

Only approved whitelist members who have successfully registered and passed our KYC process can participate in the token sale on October 13.

There will be an equal individual purchase cap for registrants during the first 24 hours on October 13, with an individual cap of 6.713 ETH for the 1st day.

Afterwards, individual caps will be doubled every day until the hard cap is reached.

Day 1 individual cap : 6.713 ETHDay 2 individual cap: (Day 1 individual cap) x2If you invested 6.713 ETH on day 1, you will be able to invest another 6.713 ETH on day 2.Day 3 individual cap: (Day 2 individual cap) x2If you invested 6.713 ETH on day 1 & day 2, you will be able to invest 13.426 ETH on day 3.Day 4 individual cap: (Day 3 individual cap) x2

Each transaction will have a gas price limit up to 49 GWEI.

Request Network Official Sources

Please always double check every information you find about our token sale and Ethereum address.

Use our following official communication channels to verify the information:

As there is an individual cap ...

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