How to know what exchange a wallet belongs to?

self.ethereum12d ago
Hey guys I am trying to trace an ethereum transaction and I have this wallet which I want to know which exchange this belongs to, What I did was, run these through bscscan and it looks like it's making up for Binance pegged tokens' liquidity and that it has all the txns with other Binance exchange wallets which have name tags. So I think it's a Binance exchange wallet owned by Binance but you guys could help better. 0x3b74B91360d7c1B59DC157dCfe01aBae72557df2 - expected to be binance exchange wallet 0xBb3fd383d1C5540E52EF0A7bcb9433375793aEAF - expected to be binance exchange wallet please share some of your knowledge on how to know what exchange wallet is owned by what exchange and confirm if those 2 are Binance's. Thanks in advance for your help.