How to Backup geth wallet?

self.ethereum1m ago
I've been reading every here and there, and while this [\_to\_restore\_geth\_account\_with\_keystore\_backup/]( provided some information, it wasn't really complete It says that to import a key it was to be unencrypted, but I think the UTC--20xx-xx-xx-etc files are encrypted. I don't remember my recovery/secret phrase. Should I create a new wallet, make sure I remember the recovery/secret phrase, and then backup that one instead? Then which files do I save, and how do I get them unencrypted so that I can import them again? edit: seems all you have to do is save the utc file and also remember your password. Then you can just put it in the right directory again. You only need to decrypt it if you need to make a transaction, but that's not something I need to do right now. The recovery phrase is just for WALLET's, which geth isn't, it's not related to geth or ethereum (just different wallet applications).