How to analyze NFT transactions of one particular wallet?


I am an NFT artist. I am looking forward to analyzing my business over the past year. I create and sell NFTs. I am looking for an automated way to find out the following information.

  1. List of all unique wallets that own my NFTs. My collector base in other words.
  2. Total Volume invested/ collected from those particular wallets. So I can have a leaderboard of top collectors.
  3. Social handles and profiles of these wallets.

I am currently using excel to and manually feed info of all the sales and collectors of eth and tez. My columns include: Wallet address, Name, Twitter handle, Names of NFTs collected, Opensea profile, Total volume of ETH & Tezos invested in me, month and year of purchase, etc

Once I have a list of collectors, I can also send them POAPS and other benefits. My basic purpose is to analyze profit and turnover. plus find the list of collector bases.