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How likely you will use Atomic Swap exchange for ETH-BTC trades?

So we are now in the process of collecting stats about community attitude to Atomic Swap technology and it's possible usage for common trades and exchanges. Our own platform shows slow but firmly growth of volume and users trust (we will share full stats in several days) Meanwhile, we want to make a small quiz for blockchainers (both ethereum and bitcoin enthusiasts)We have highlighted Atomic Swap key features against classic centralized exchanges 1. Decentralization is one of the main blockchain ideas. Centralized exchange ruins such idea 2. Atomic Swap allows to make a peer to peer (wallet to wallet) exchange much faster and cheaper, then a centralized one. Average time to exchange ETH to BTC with Metamask and BitPay wallets is 4 minutes (without pending) 3. Centralized Exchanges controls funds of users. They can freeze funds of any user for any time they want. Also, CEX server could be hacked and funds would be stolen. Moreover, users have to pass KYC and verification procedures, since Atomic Swap is an instrument for exchange, not a service, users don't have to pass such things But of course, there are "contras". Here are the most common reasons of not to use Atomic Swaps we get during networking 1. Technology is not yet ready for common and regular use - it is still needed further development and testing. 2. What is the reason to use a decentralized exchange like Atomic Swap, if CEX fills all my needs in exchange 3. There are still no comfortable, trustworthy and user-friendly service to do Atomic Swap exchanges But if you have any other options for such Poll - share your feedback in comments [View Poll](
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