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How I Snatched 153,037 ETH After A Bad Tinder Date – Mitch Brenner

How I Snatched 153,037 ETH After A Bad Tinder Date

Over the weekend, I did a lot of swiping right. I’ve never had a Tinder go this fast from match to agreeing on a date time this fast before. I was thrilled! On the following Friday we went out. The evening started nice, but he got creepier and creepier by the hour. A few hours in, he’s a full-on creep. I had to bolt. Not a big deal — I prefer a night tracing scam ICO’s transactions anyway.

Okay, so, in the day I sit and watch streams of Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions flowing from markets escrow accounts to sellers, from exchanges to users, from users to mixing party contracts, and so on and so forth, flagging interesting transactions, following flows between accounts suspected of activities such as child pornography exchange, human trafficking, etc. 8 hours a day everyday. At night, when I’m not peer-pressured into going to a bar, I do the same thing but for my own fun. These days I track ICOs that are obviously scams and see how they move their money around. It can be quite fun, but that’s a post for another day.

Alright. Friday night. Noise from Bastille Day’s fireworks is filling the skies. I’m following a transaction trail I’ve worked on for a couple of weeks. One of the bigger transactions originated from a multi-sig wallet smart contract. I don’t know why I did that, but I clicked in the Etherscan link and skimmed through the code. I remember finding it funny how Gav/Nicolas wrote that assembly piece there to call an internal method (initWallet) in a the wallet library. Solidity is a shit language, so I wasn’t all that surprised. But, I mean, really? Wasn’t it so that you can call internal methods normally from derived contracts? I dunno, I’m not a Solidity programmer.

pseudo-inheritance in Solidity

So I wanted to see how much of a moron either Gav/Nicolas or yours truly are, and decided to try it myself. I created wallet’s contract in my privatenet and referenced in another c...

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