How Does NFT Fractionalization Work

1M Ago
NFTs are valuable asset and that makes them a great investment to people aware of its value. If you are not familiar with the concept of NFT fractionalization, it is simply the process of splitting up NFTs into smaller fractions, this allows more room for individual or investors with limited funds get in on the NFT market. NFTs are fractionalized using smart contracts that generated set amount of tokens. The cost of owning a single NFT is insanely, especially when it is a popular NFT high so most people prefer to own fraction of a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), it is much like owning a percentage of a company’s shares. Quite a few platforms provide the opportunity for individuals to explore and take advantage of this budding marketplace, recently I came across Furion. It is a platform that allows users divide their NFTs into 500 or 1000 F-X tokens which can be used for a bunch of things like farming, swapping, borrowing and lending. It appears to be an-all-in one liquidity platform. I noticed the type of fractionalization available of Furion (locking NFTs and storing NFTs) also create an avenue for its users to earn money. That is impressive.