How do you price an NFT you created and offset the high gas fees?


Hi - I recently minted some of my art on opensea to sell it as NFTs. I'm not super familiar with all this so I'm definitely learning as I go! I've seen NFTs in the art category listed for several ETHs as well as many listed for what amounts to about $30 with current ETH prices.

When I listed my NFTs I had to pay a total of about $110 in gas fees. That seems super high just to get something out there without knowing if anything will even sell! So I decided to price them randomly to see which do better or sell at all. Right now they're priced between 0.2 ETH - 3 ETH. I just minted them but I have no idea what to do next.

The NFT space is really cool but also super confusing. If anyone could shine some light on it all or talk about their experiences that would be helpful!

Thanks :)