How could we test, if our seed phrases/keys/addresses have been exposed in a DarkNet database?


Title is question.

Over the past decade, tools like haveibeenpwnd became popular. You simply enter your email address, and the service returns you a list of data breaches, where you email was found + what the breach contained. This is very useful!

Obviously this doesn't mean, that one should be laissez-faire with opsec.

However, I was asking myself if and how we could do the same for our dear seed phrases and private keys. There doesn't seem to be anything like this for crypto wallets.

It would be great to have a website, where we could at least see a collected list of data breaches and documented hacks on wallets.

And furthermore, it would be great, of there was a service, which could securely check, if a certain seed phrase /private key/ public key is part of a data breach of hack. I think public key is best.

There are many cases, where hackers only make use of the compromised wallets, when the victims actually put lots of funds inside. Victims feel safe with 50$ but once they put 2000$ there just for a moment from the CEX, it's gone!

What do you think about this? I wonder where the existing pwnd search engines get their data from. After all, such datasets are expensive and highly sought for in the dark market.

I'd really like to be able to at least have a way to check, if certain addresses are definitely compromised.