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How come no one in the industry ever calls out ponzi schemes like HEX? Where's Vitalik?

When you stake on HEX, your coins go to Richard Heart's personal crypto wallet that he controls called the Origin Address. To put it bluntly, it's the same kind of scam that Bernie Madoff, Bitconnect, and Charles Ponzi pulled. There are many scams in crypto that operate like this, but most of them are tiny. Hex is now the largest ERC20 token by marketcap and is usually among the highest trading volumes on Uniswap. It is too big to ignore. The industry has chosen to deal with this scam by giving it the silent treatment. Coingecko and Coinmarketcap have taken action by hiding HEX from the front page. [Coindesk has not made any articles mentioning Richard Heart over the last year.]( No prominent leaders in crypto have went out of their way to call this scam out. Pure silence from the industry. Where's CZ? Where's Sam Bankman Fried? Where's Vitalik? Vitalik doesn't seem to hold back any punches when calling Craig Wright a scammer, but is completely silent about Richard Heart. The dangers of our silence is that we created a vacuum that Richard Heart exploited to legitimize Hex. If people called it out, the scam would not be anywhere near as big as it is today.
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