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How Can We Onboard Newcomers to Ethereum Better?

How Can We Onboard Newcomers to Ethereum Better?

We asked this question at EthCC, and here are some of our findings

The Cat Herders have been looking for ways to improve the Ethereum onboarding process since it was recommended as something we might look at. At EthCC Tim Beiko, Helena Flack, and myself moderated an open forum looking for ideas, pain points, experiences, and volunteers. We asked this question at EthCC, and here are some of our findings. There was some really good conversation around these topics, some of which I’d like to explore here.

You can see Tim’s totally awesome slides here.

The Onboarding Process

The First Thing They See: Perhaps there is a perception that is the first stop for those looking for information about Ethereum, but we discovered (from our admittedly small group) that this is not the norm. Many participants had never even been to the site at all. This means that even though revamped beautifully, we need to work on directing interesting parties to it, and work on the material placed close to the first place newcomers or interested parties are going to look.

Reddit: Many participants found Ethereum via Reddit and/or use it to keep up with the pulse of Ethereum. Evan van Ness also mentioned in his EthCC talk that r/ethereum seems to be recovering from a bit of a content quality low, and perhaps these two phenomena have what to do with each other. Importantly, Evan and others have also mentioned that it feels like there is less quality answering and commenting on Reddit and other forums (such as detailed technical responses or explanations). The Cat Herders had not focused on Reddit up until now and may look to do so in the future. Something you can do, though, is try to change this trend. You could try to give a detailed and friendly response/comment once a day, and this could turn around!

Also, there was a lot of talk about how we could surface niches on the Inte...

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