Hop Protocol and bridge from Polygon to Mainnet, found did not bridge?


As the title says, this morning I tried to bridge some USDC from Polygon to Mainnet using Hop Protocol. However, looking at my metamask, my USDC are still present on the Polygon network and they did not arrive to Mainnet.

Wallet address: 0x22571a92559edda4c172bfa2ba5653f75e476af9

Tx Hash: 0x43ea7201982262f004706e830d83b173db22cfb39bf8a4d52fcbd21b57f7555d

Does anyone know if the bridge failed or something like that? The strange thing for me is that the USDC are still there on Polygon, it's not like they are not arrived, they did not even start.

Honestly it's my first time bridging from Polygon to Mainnet, should I try to bridge again or just wait?