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Hoard & OmiseGO AMA Part 2

Q: How dependent is Hoard on the development of the OMG network?

Cyryl: After thorough evaluation of different scalability projects we chose OmiseGO’s Plasma MVP. We are working together to expand it with some game-specific features so it’s rather choice of cooperation/partnership than dependency.

Radek: Moreover we work on plasma implementation together with OmiseGO plasma team now. We believe that together we can implement plasma solution which will support all the features required by Hoard platform. On the other hand OmiseGO has a good and stable partner in Hoard which already generates biggest traffic on Ari testnet by deploying only one game. We also provide valuable feedback and new ideas on Plasma design.

Q: Is it possible to integrate with existing games & if so, how difficult would that be? Or do games need to be built from the ground up with Hoard in mind. Really any game with a real economy would benefit. Hoard would have been great for the blunder that was the Diablo 3 Real world money auction house.

Cyryl: Integration with existing games is our main target here. Hoard is working on the toolset (HoardSDK) to allow integration in easy and intuitive way. But the tech is not everything. One has to be mindful not to break gameplay or hinder game economy by allowing players to trade items between each other. So all integrations have to be done in tight cooperation with game designers.

Chris: It is definitely possible to integrate with existing games. As an example, we are retrofitting blockchain into multiple existing titles now, including our recently announced integration, My Memory of Us. My Memory of Us was originally released last October on Xbox One, Playstation 4, the Nintendo Switch, and Steam. We’ll be deploying True Ownership to the Steam version of the game first, but there’s no reason why MMoU or any other game on these console platforms couldn’t integrate with Hoard if the developers decided to leverage our SDK...

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