Here’s why Vitalik’s trilemma is becoming less and less of an issue for Ethereum


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The trilemma has haunts every single blockchain there is. No matter what anyone says, there is not a single chain that has yet to solve the trilemma (at least for now)

Each chain deals with the trilemma in its own way and Ethereum chose to prioritize decentralization and security over scalability.

Now although there technically still is no complete solution for Vitalik’s trilemma, there have been many improvements to both the Ethereum chain itself and its helping rollup chains known as L2s that wont solve the trilemma but will make it less and less of an issue with time until it eventually no longer become a nuance.

There are mainly two reasons why the trilemma on Ethereum will grow irrelevant pretty soon:

  • Modular L2s/parallel L2s (Mantle Network)
  • Proto-danksharding

1- Modular L2s:

Current L2s, while much more efficient than Ethereum, still have a hard time dealing with massive spikes in activity because they use a monolithic architecture

What does this mean?

This means that these L2s, while fast, still need to take care of Execution, Finality, and Data Availability in a serial manner (meaning one after the other)

Modular L2s take a different approach.

They basically split these tasks into multiple sub-layers and work all of them at the same time in parallel rather than in series

Currently I know of Mantle Network as the only L2 with a modular L2 testnet online.

They split tasks into three separate layers:

  • Layer 1: takes care of execution
  • Layer 2: takes care of finality
  • Layer 3: takes care of data availability

The final layer is perhaps the most important of all as data availability is one of the major issues that Ethereum has it battle with. It makes the chain extremely clunky and overloads it with data (most of which will never be used)

2- Proto-danksharding:

I’ve been on this subreddit long enough and have seen many posts explaining what sharding is so I won’t make this post any longerTo make it short, shadring is an Ethereum upgrade that will give a major boost for L2sThroughput is expected to increase anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 times

3- Combination of modular architecture and Danksharding:

Modular L2s alone are greatSharding alone is great

But the combination of both is something else entirely. This will give Ethereum compounded scalability, something that it has never seen before.

I truly believe that when danksharding get introduced and more L2s start leaning towards a modular architecture, Ethereum will be truly unstoppable and Vitalik’s trilemma, while still technology unsolved, will become irrelevant.