Hard Fork of ETH to ETHW SUPPORT!!

self.ethereum5d ago
Looks like Forking Ethereum to a New Chain and ETHW is gaining traction for after ETH commits digital suicide by ruining a great project transitioning it to just another Tech Bubble Ponzi Company and PoS "Ponzi Scheme Consensus" which MANY of us DO NOT SUPPORT due to Centralized Manipulation in PoS structures. ETHW and Forking of the Chain in order to retain a POW Dedicated Ethereum Chain is absolutely something the entire community should support and funnel huge capital inflows into and away from Eth 2.0 which has been a horrible idea from the beginning, PoS structures are not Crypto, and don't offer ALL of the advantages of a true POW Crypto Network, and should not be supported by anyone. I will personally transition ALL of my ETH holdings into ETHW and over 50-GHs of Hash power over to the Fork as well. Let's kick this Hardfork Chain into reality, and Rally SUPPORT behind a Pure Crypto POW Ethereum to continue on a new Chain, 🖕 the Merge and Eth upcoming "Digital Suicide"