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GSENetwork Utilizing Blockchain Technology

GSENetwork uses the blockchain technology as its propeller. The technology had been popular for its decentralized approach to solutions. More so, the issue of trust that became hallmark for disregarding centralized sharing economy will be solved here. For further information visit 馃憠 Website -
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AI ecosystem based on blockchain

AI Crypto are developing an AI ecosystem based on blockchain with the aim of making AI research easier and cheaper to conduct. Read about AI Crypto ICO, including key information about the initial coi...
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New ConsenSys Website Is Live

ConsenSys is solving real-world problems with Ethereum blockchain solutions for organizations of all sizes, from the local community to the global enterprise. We're building Web 3. Come explore w...
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Ethereum Testnet Bug Found and Fixed

A bug that chain-split ethereum鈥檚 Ropsten testnet has been identified and fixed within hours. As it was guessed, it had something to do with a new Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP)...
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Post-Bitcoin-Maximalism 鈥 Ferdous Bhai

Scams and abuse of power will always be possible and will leave many victims in despair. Despite that, a free-market is the best tool we have for societal progress.
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Lane Rettig on Twitter: Consensus Bug Fixed.

Aaand the consensus bug has been identified and fixed. Kudos to @realLedgerwatch, @mhswende, and @sorpaas for their heroic work over the weekend. With any luck @ParityTech will release a patch first t...
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How To Become A "High Valued" Ethereum Developer

So, you want to become an Ethereum developer? This guide is going to help you come closer to that goal. The idea of this guide is to teach you the basics of Ethereum. In this guide you will learn: Wha...