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Graphene V1.0 has been released! (yes - we did drop it casually during the AMA)

On April 10th, 2019, it was announced that Golem and ITL, that were building Graphene-ng had “unforked” the project and joined forces with the original creators, Chia-Che Tsai and Don Porter, and Intel Labs. This alliance was formed to usher the development of Graphene, a Library OS for portable applications, supporting Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX). Today, the Working Group is proud to announce the first release resulting from the project, dubbed Graphene v1.0.

A short recap: what is Graphene?

The Graphene library OS is a project for running unmodified Linux applications, i.e., native binaries from a standard Linux distribution. Currently, the most popular platform that Graphene ports to is Intel SGX, a novel Intel CPU feature for establishing a trusted execution environment (TEE) on an untrusted host platform. Graphene library OS can run inside the Intel SGX library so that unmodified applications can get the advantages of running inside an enclave.

Enter: Graphene v1.0

The Graphene v1.0 release is the first stable release of the Graphene project. It is a snapshot of the latest stability improvements and OS features.

This release is launched as we have noticed that users often need to repackage and sign their application with Graphene, so we are providing this snapshot as a pre-production version for long-term development and testing.

Graphene v1.0 is a project snapshot for users who desire to experiment or develop Intel SGX applications using existing Linux software and to deploy the applications for evaluation or beta testing purposes.

However, bear in mind that Graphene v1.0 is not completely ready for production use yet, we are getting close to fixing the remaining stability and security issues - watch this space to follow the progress.

Graphene v1.0: Features

Graphene v1.0 release primarily includes bug fixes, stability and security enhancements, and new...

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