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[Governance Poll] New rule in response to donut farming

See previous discussion [here]( Evidence has come to light of Discord channels being set up to coordinate the farming of community points on [r/FortNiteBR](, [r/CryptoCurrency]( and [r/EthTrader]( These users are creating accounts and using them to upvote each other's posts to increase their donut counts. A screenshot showed that there is a channel dedicated to farming EthTrader donuts so this is undoubtedly happening in our subreddit. In recent days, the front page of EthTrader has been dominated by memes posted by recently created user accounts with little to no history of activity in the subreddit. In response, this is a poll to decide whether EthTrader should enact a new rule that says that only users who have at least 3 months activity in EthTrader, which will be determined by whether they have earned donuts for at least 3 months, are allowed to post memes to EthTrader [View Poll](
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DeFi Pulse Farmer #17

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ETH mining difficulty soars

Mining Ethereum just got more difficult. The difficulty of ETH mining rose to 3,719 terahashes after the coin was being traded for over $500.
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Weekly Action Recap

Your action recap for the week of November 23rd, 2020
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Yearn Finance integrates Cover Protocol

In recent times, Yearn Finance has been integrating different DeFi protocols into its system. There appears to be no stop to that as the firm has announced a