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Golem and Streamr announce cooperation – The Golem Project

Golem and Streamr announce cooperation

Building decentralized infrastructure for resilient and hugely scalable Ðapps is exciting, and the potential rewards for the community and the citizenry are immense. But nobody ever said that the work will be easy. The technology is cutting edge, the problems are new, and the past is not a good guide of how to get things done in the decentralized space.

But one thing we have learned is that you can get so much more done by working together with talented and like-minded people. In the case of Golem and Streamr, we’ve realised yet again that this very much remains true.

The two companies and the key people were introduced to each other by common friends earlier this year. Since we first met, Golem and Streamr have had a number of pow-wows, stimulating discussions have been had, premises and home towns of both teams have been visited, and pizza and refreshments have been consumed.

In these meetings it has become apparent that there is a great amount of overlap between what the two teams are planning to do in their respective roadmaps. Golem and Streamr have therefore decided to formally co-operate on the shared part of the technology stack. Cue fanfare!

Photo the courtesy of La Fanfare en Pétard.

Why is this a great match?

For the followers of either Golem or Streamr projects, a few words about the context may be of interest. As mentioned, it’s become apparent to our friends at Golem and us at Streamr that there is a deep and broad shared problem space. In the case of either project, a peer-to-peer (P2P) network is an integral part of the technology stack. In Golem, computing tasks are distributed to computation nodes in the Golem network. In Streamr and especially in the transport layer — i.e. the Streamr Network — messaging and data storage tasks are distributed to broker nodes in a P2P network.

A peer-to-peer structure (photo the courtesy of pixabay).

The implication is th...

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