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Geth 1.7 - Megara: Faster, slimmer, Byzantium enabled ;)

The Go Ethereum team is proud to announce the next release family of Geth, the first incarnation focusing on laying the groundwork for the upcoming Metropolis hard forks (Byzantium and Constantinople), consisting of 125+ code contributions for various parts of the project.

Byzantium fork

The current incarnation of Geth contains all the Byzantium EIPs implemented and also features the fork block number 1,700,000 for the Ropsten testnet transition. The block numbers for Rinkeby and the main Ethereum network will be finalized when Ropsten is deemed stable.

You can find details about individual protocol updates at the following locations:

Performance optimizations

Aside from the Byzantium hard fork, the 1.7 release series of Geth is aimed to focus primarily on performance improvements. The first release of the family already packs a heavy punch with two database schema modifications resulting in significant optimizations:

Transaction and receipt storage was completely reworked, cutting the data storage requirements of a fast synced node in half, from 26.3GB to 14.9GB at the time of the implementation (#14801). EVM log storage and indexing was completely reworked, cutting the filtering time of the entire chain for contract events by 2-3 orders of magnitude, from minutes to under a second (#14522, #14631).

Some work-in-progress updates that appear in the next releases include:

Upgrading the base peer-to-peer protocol used by all Ethereum sub-protocols, cutting the bandwidth needed for a fast sync from 33.6GB to 13.5GB (#15106). This upgrade will improve the general bandwidth requirement of the network as well as light clients too. Introducing a more sophisticated memory caching for state tries, reducing disk IO by a couple orders of magnitude. Exact numbers are pending a final implementation (#14952). Trezor wallets

About this time last year we introduced support for the Ledger hardware wallet. Du...

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