Gensler is not an anomaly.

15D Ago
i think the mistake our industry makes is thinking Gensler is a lone phenomena. He is not. His politics are common, and many on K street wants what he wants, the US National Security people likely want it too. Security designation comes with a profound level of US power behind it This is an extension of the foreign policy power and political and economic power Wallstreet wants over crypto incumbents, so they are absolutely willing to break the technology to get their way. Even though it will be Walmartchain, permissioned chains. ​ Eth's lack of sharding is that bad, it gives the feds a huge time advantage over developers. ameen is talking about gating protocols for NFT holders. NFT is just an onchain passport, let's be frank. Plus this is all quite idiotic, when you seriously consider that most crypto protocols operate nothing like a company, so the degree to which a network of owners would be represented..K Street is projecting, they want Corporate Board Bureaucracy control over protocols. ​ They don't want this network owned user owned anarchic model, they want the Conglomerate style US style capitalist model projected, onto the protocol design, they're intentionally brute forcing Web 2 silicon valley models of control onto the protocols. It's deliberate, for power.