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Genesis Vision – The Blockchain Startup Set to Revolutionize the Private Investment Management Industry

One of the biggest components of the global financial industry is the trust management market which is estimated to have over $70 trillion worth of funds managed by firms. This massive market is not only an indicator of the importance of trust management but also presents a ripe opportunity for a visionary platform to change how the industry works.

One such game-changer is Genesis Vision.

Genesis Vision is the first ever digital platform for the extremely valuable trust management market; the platform is built entirely on the blockchain stack with the help of smart contracts which makes it even more impressive. This revolutionary system uses highly advanced yet effective technological advances to run the platform which unites brokers, investors, traders, and other parties involved in the trust management industry into a 100% decentralized platform that is fair for every party involved.

While the project is still in its infancy, Genesis has already garnered attention from some of the top investment firms as well as investors who are looking to move away from traditional trust management practices.

What is Genesis Vision all about?

The main goal of Genesis is to have a platform where all traders can become investment managers that generate income both for themselves and the investors; it can also be a platform where investors can purchase tokens from any investment manager.

Investment managers are assessed based on an algorithm that calculates their past trading performance and results.

Successful managers with a good history of profitable trades will be able to issue more tokens (get more capital and investments) than managers with a below average trading history. Another important aspect of the Genesis Vision equation is transparency.

Information about investment managers is always transparent and investors are 100% protected as financial services investments and dividends are conduct...

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