Generating income during this difficult time.

15D Ago
Given that the bear market isn't over, what passive income sources do you intend to employ during this bear market? Making passive income is one of the simplest strategies for surviving the crypto market's decline. I am certain that DCA is not the only option. Many people are searching for ways to make money because inflation is getting worse. With the emergence of decentralized finance, or DeFi, the crypto ecosystem has recently welcomed additional avenues for passive income generation. Investments can now be made in a variety of ways without requiring a lot of work not like the old days. Staking is one of them, as well as lending and borrowing platforms, yield farming, mining, affiliate programs, gaming, etc. However, some of them, such as P2E, are not currently viable options. Nowadays, you barely make a living from them. I’m currently into staking right now and I’m planning to do futures and Cloud mining as well. I’m still unsure about cloud mining though since I haven’t fully understood how it works plus a lot of people are telling me that it's a scam. I intended to use [Hashing24]( or [BeMine ]( learning everything I could about Cloud Mining, but, it seems like I dodged a bullet. and For staking, on the other hand, I’m still debating if I’m gonna use [Kraken](, [Binance](, [Peccala](, [Coinbase]( or Something that you guys will recommend on using.