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Fulcrum, the DeFi margin trading and lending platform, launches with $750,000 in liquidity.

Fulcrum Launches With Over $750,000 in Liquidity

A special thanks to Matthew Di Ferrante and Harry Roberts of ZK Labs for auditing the Fulcrum smart contracts.

Upon launch, Fulcrum, the platform for tokenized margin lending and trading, already has $750,000 in liquidity.

Fulcrum supports lending, leveraging, and shorting of ETH, wBTC, ZRX, KNC, BAT, REP, DAI, and USDC. The platform enables users to lend assets for interest or enter into short/leveraged positions with only three clicks. To see a step-by-step walkthrough, click here and scroll down.

You can use Fulcrum here or read the technical specifications here.

Fulcrum Sets a New Standard for User Experience

When we crafted Fulcrum, we agonized over every click and every word, removing any wasted motion. We’ve added features and defaults that make lending and trading more painless than it has ever been. We’re proud of how much thought and love we have poured into the product.

Three clicks. No Accounts. No fees.

To start earning interest just click lend, enter the amount, and accept. If you want to trade, select the leverage, click buy, enter the amount, and accept. It’s that easy. You can get started right away without registering an account. How much do we charge for this? Nothing. It’s all free.

Everything is Tokenized

Margin loans are tokenized, minting ERC20s called iTokens. When a lender deposits ETH, DAI, etc into Fulcrum they receive iETH, iDAI, etc back. iTokens continuously increase in price as you hold them, accruing interest from borrowers. These tokens can be sold on Uniswap, used as collateral for loans, bundled into interest bearing ETFs, listed on DEXs and centralized exchanges, or used to exit a loan.

Margin positions are tokenized, minting ERC20s called pTokens. pTokens are static leverage tokens with variable interest rates. They can be sold on Uniswap, bundled into short and leveraged ETFs, listed on DEXs and centralized exchanges, or...

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