Frequently Asked Questions + Weekly Discussion Thread

24D Ago
**Welcome to the Weekly Discussion. Please read the disclaimer, guidelines, and rules before participating.** Rules: * All [sub rules]( apply in this thread. * Discussion topics must be related to Ethereum. * Behave with civility and politeness. Do not use offensive, racist or homophobic language. * Comments will be sorted by newest first. Useful Links: * []( * []( **Reminder** /r/ethereum is a community for discussing the technology, news, applications and community of Ethereum. **Discussion of the Ether price or trading is not allowed.** Please keep those discussions to [/r/ethfinance]( and [/r/ethstaker]( ​ **Frequently Asked Questions** **Where's the best place to buy ETH?** There are many centralized exchanges that support Ethereum. If you live in the US, the most popular exchanges are Coinbase, Gemeni and Kraken. Coinbase users can use Coinbase Pro for lower fees. **When is Eth2 launching?** Eth2 is a marketing term used to represent a number of updates to Ethereum. The Eth2 proof-of-stake chain first launched in December 2020. "The Merge", which is the event that will fully switch Ethereum's consensus to proof-of-stake, is estimated to be ready in early 2022, although there is no exact timeline. Other updates, such as data shards, will follow that update. Visit []( to learn more about "The Merge". **Do I need to do anything to update to Eth2? Will Eth2 create a new token?** No, ETH holders *never* need to take any action to keep holding ETH. Ethereum users will be unaffected by the Eth2 upgrade. And the Eth2 updates will not create any new tokens. **How can I stake my ETH?** The best way to stake your ETH: by running your own validator. * Running your own validator requires a modern computer and 32 ETH. Visit /r/ethstaker for more details **Why are Ethereum transaction fees so high?** Like most blockchains, Ethereum fees are determined by supply-and-demand. The large demand to use Ethereum has pushed transaction fees quite high (however, fees were just a few cents only 2 years ago). Fees are especially high during market volatility, and during NFT drops. **What is being done to lower Ethereum transaction fees?** Ethereum fees are reduced by using layer-2 rollups. Rollups are scaling solutions that allow for significantly cheaper transactions, while still maintaining Ethereum's security. Additionally, Eth2's data shards will make rollups even cheaper. While rollups are cutting-edge technology being actively developed, a number are already live on Ethereum mainnet. Visit []( to learn more about rollups. **What's the best wallet for Ethereum?** The most popular tool for using decentralized applications is Metamask. However, for security reasons, we recommend using a hardware wallet such as a Trezor or Ledger. ​ Are there questions you'd like to see added? Leave a comment below.