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For all the Gamers out there . The Next Generation of Play-to-Earn Games Will Be Fully Decentralized.

Play-to-earn is a rapidly emerging niche in the gaming landscape, but it has far wider implications beyond video games.

According to a recent World Economic Forum (WEF) report, this new genre could “change how people interact with and perceive traditional socioeconomic structures like financial institutions, marketplaces, and governments,” constituting a “proof of concept for a self-sovereign financial system,” and more besides.  

That’s already close to the reality in some Southeast Asian countries, where play-to-earn games and cryptocurrency are fast colliding, enabling savvy gamers to make around $3,000 a year in tradable tokens or valuables—more than the average per capita income.  

But, all too often, these hard-won assets are owned or controlled by the host platform, according to Vitaliy Misan, cofounder of CryptoBattles, a blockchain-based game that’s leading a new generation of titles striving for full decentralization. He’s convinced that unlocking this last obstacle could skew current game-industry business models to gamers’ advantage. 

Play-to-earn games: a market snapshot

Play-to-earn turns traditional gaming on its head because, instead of the platform’s publishers benefiting from a title’s popularity and leaving players financially out in the cold, gamers can trade, buy or sell the digital assets they win outside of the game, and gain other rewards besides. 

With characters based on crypto and fiat currencies, CryptoBattles is an example of a player-versus-player (PvP) play-to-earn game. Currently in alpha, it's web-based and features mobile play through a browser.

Players do battle with characters representing different cryptos. Image: CryptoBattles

Players hook a MetaMask wallet up to the CryptoBattles platform. As the game runs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), they need a nominal amount of the Binance token, BNB, for gas, and then can use a selection of cryptocurrencies (wETH, wBNB, BTCB, USDC, BUSD and B...

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