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‘Flippening’ Between Bitcoin & Ethereum Will Happen in 2018: Roger Ver

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Bitcoin cash promoter Roger Ver believes BCH will one day overtake BTC to become the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency. But before that happens, he believes ethereum will take bitcoin’s crypto-crown.

Ver, once known as “Bitcoin Jesus,” told The Independent that so-called technologically superior cryptocurrencies like ethereum and bitcoin cash will surpass bitcoin in value in the coming months and years. Ver sees ethereum surpassing bitcoin by year’s end and bitcoin cash by 2020.

Analysts refer to this supposed development as “The Flippening.”

Ver pointed to slow transaction times and high fees undermining bitcoin. He noted that more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies have entered the market since bitcoin’s 2009 inception in attempts to overcome bitcoin’s “limitations.”

Bitcoin’s rise in value in the last year has carried other cryptocurrencies, with Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash outpacing bitcoin.

ETH And BCH Outpace Bitcoin Rogver Ver was once known as “Bitcoin Jesus.” Now, he has thrown his weight behind bitcoin cash, which he believes better represents Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision for cryptocurrency. | Source: YouTube

Bitcoin’s price has jumped 450% from $1,700 to $9,360 in the past 12 months, while Ethereum has gained 1,000% (to $764) and Bitcoin Cash moved from $500 in August to $1,655.

Ethereum has five times as many units in circulation as bitcoin, making its market cap slightly less than half of bitcoin’s.

Ver stated in January that BCH will continue in its steady growth and surpass BTC in the near future.

“BCH is the same version of bitcoin that everyone fell in love with and used from 2009 until 2017,” he said. “It has the same economic code that led to it becoming a worldwide phenomenon. I’m sure that formula will continue to work for BCH into the future, and it will surpass BTC in usage, popularity, and ...

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