[Feedback Request] Kaja - Conversational analytics for Ethereum

4D Ago
[Kaja](https://kaja.ai) is a neural net trained with Ethereum data. It can answer any analytics question on Ethereum, eliminating the need for users to have technical abilities or dependence on the community. Please check out the demo https://i.redd.it/0qkdf30ijhp91.gif Questions can be about any crypto-related concept. Here are some example questions you can ask: * What is the volume of an NFT? * How many NFTs have been in circulation since the first mint? * What is the top liquidity pool by TVL on a specific Defi protocol? * What is the APY rate of a lending protocol? Kaja will answer your question in the relevant format, like a chart (bar chart, area chart, pie chart), a data table, or just plain answers in the text. If this sounds interesting, please signup for an invite at [https://kaja.ai](https://kaja.ai). We would love to hear your feedback about this direction. (Edit: Uploaded web optimized demo gif)