Experts Predict How High Ethereum’s Price Could Go in 2022 a ‘Make-or-Break Year’

17D Ago
The only thing guaranteed when it comes to crypto investing is volatility, so investors should expect more of it in the next few years. Nearly one year ago, ethereum’s price swung as high as $4,800 and now it’s back down below $2,000. This is how high or low ethereum’s price could go in the next few years, according to the experts we talked to: Year (YR), Potential High (PHigh), Potential Low (PLow). YR: 2022. PHigh: $4,500. PLow: $500. YR: 2023. PHigh: $5,000. PLow: $2,400. YR: 2024. PHigh: $10,000. PLow: $5,700. YR: 2030. PHigh: $15,000. PLow: $5,000. Not bad considering current prices but this IS NOT finacial Advice. This is a summary of opinions from multiple finacial advisors put together to guesstimate the price estimates. Moreover last year we all thought this year $BTC would hit $100k and $ETH $10k because it hit $69k in 2021. So why wouldn’t it do the same after it dropped to the time we are in now after this huge bear market which might turn up into a bull sometime it will but when it does it will be likely after 2022. $100k this year is very unlikely. Atleast very very unlikely with current market conditions. So does this make you want to own Ethereum or own More Ethereum? It sure does for me. Check this link out for the full detailed information regarding speculation on Ethereum prices from Today forward. Top paragraph and figure detail section sourced via: