Experimenting with LayerZero: building a token that can be transferred across chains

self.ethereum1m ago
I recently discovered LayerZero and started experimenting with it, as it seemed perfect for our use case we: we are working on a decentralized multichain platform (Daemons) and it makes sense to have a multichain token. Bridges are the easy way, but they seem to be the weak point of DeFi, especially lately with 100 of millions $ being stolen from bridges every other week. **The idea is to have a token that can be sent across chains, without bridges, with the same ease you'd just send it to another wallet on the same chain**. We've developed such token using LayerZero. If you're interested in it, I've posted the code here: [https://daemons.medium.com/how-to-create-an-omnichain-token-with-layerzero-46ac29d879ba](https://daemons.medium.com/how-to-create-an-omnichain-token-with-layerzero-46ac29d879ba) ​ Please let me know what you think about LayerZero and the code. I would love to hear your opinions about it. ​ *NOTE: the token code is not production-ready as is. It has been developed as proof of concept and might be unsecure to use in production code.*