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Exodus of key staff from Aragon amid philosophical differences

It’s been a rough week for the Aragon governance platform where philosophical differences have brought about a long list of resignations.

Aragon co-founder Jorge Izquierdo announced on Jan. 11 he would no longer be working as CEO of the for-profit Aragon One, a company dedicated to building tools and services related to Aragon.

Aragon is an Ethereum-based platform involved with decentralized governance.

The announcement took place just hours after news broke that Aragon had purchased Dvote Labs, the company behind blockchain voting protocol Vocdoni.

Today I resigned as Aragon One's CEO.Leading this team has been the privilege and adventure of a lifetime and I am immensely proud of what we achieved.I feel quite sad that it's come to this, but given circumstances following, I don't think I can keep doing a good job.— Jorge Izquierdo (@izqui9) January 11, 2021

Izquierdo cited his differences with decisions being made by the project’s governing body, the Aragon Association, as his reason to exit the project, which he had been a part of since 2015.

Sorry to hear it Jorge. Unfortunately another example of a governance startup with dysfunctional governance. Yes I'm subtweeting essentially the entire DAO sector.— Richard D. Bartlett (@RichDecibels) January 13, 2021

One week prior to Izquierdo’s departure, Aragon Association Head of Governance John Light announced his resignation, stating he felt that the project no longer reflected his values or that of the original Aragon Manifesto.

In order to increase transparency and improve as an organization, Light suggested that association members “publish all meeting minutes and financials for public review” going forward.

Inspired by Light’s actions and agreeing with the sentiments put forth in his letter, 11 employees of Aragon One quit the company over the following few days, tendering their resignations publicly on the project’s official Discord channel.


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