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Every ETH YouTube video ever (besides the fundamentals)

I’ll save you the time of watching every Ethereum YouTube video ever and sum them entirely up in one short Reddit comment: -In 10 years this won’t be a dip, it’ll be a little spec on a really big chart. -That’s my expert technical analysis but at the same time isn’t financial advice. -Nobody is really sure where the markets heading and can change at any moment. -Best way to make money in crypto is to dollar cost average your way in on these dips. -Nobody has ever lost money being invested in crypto for 4plus years unless they leveraged. -This isn’t a bear market, this is a dip. -This isn’t a dip, this is a bear market. -Open up a new trading account and use my referral link below! You’re welcome, I’ve spent idk how many hundreds of hours mindlessly watching every Ethereum video out there so you don’t have to. I believe I’ve concluded them nicely in one short Reddit comment (besides the fundamentals Ofcourse there’s lots happening with the fundamentals changing) hope you guys enjoy all your future free time now! Feel free to add any that I’ve missed but I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten every ETH video here, thanks guys!
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