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EthVM, the Open-Source Ethereum Blockchain Explorer Powered by MEW

EthVM, the Open-Source Ethereum Blockchain Explorer Powered by MEW

First of all, we want to thank everyone who sent us feedback on EthVM Beta! With your help we fixed bugs, made interface improvements, and ironed out the details. Today, we invite you to celebrate the official release of EthVM with us!

See your wallet balances and history

You will now find the EthVM link alongside Etherscan and Ethplorer in the Transaction History dropdown on MEW web. Follow the link to see your wallet’s ETH and token balances, owned NFTs, and full transaction history.

If crypto is being your own bank, using a blockchain explorer is like having direct access to all bank records — it can provide answers to many of your questions in minutes. You can see the true balances of wallets (even if your wallet interface is experiencing a glitch) and what actually happened with transactions.

Figure out transaction details

MEW interfaces are created to be simple and intuitive, so that most of the time you don’t need to think about the blockchain mechanics in the background. However, Ethereum is a work in progress, and there are still moments, like during periods of network congestion and high gas fees, when you may need to understand why transactions do or don’t go through as you expect.

In the transaction details view, you can verify which address it was sent to, and what was the gas limit, the gas price, and total transaction fee. This information, combined with some knowledge about the way gas works, can help you troubleshoot transactions that stay pending or fail.

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