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Ethtrader $DONUT governance report 20201122

I have worked up another state of governance report based on my previous one. I am still consistency checking so these numbers may change. ​ |DATE|CONTRIB|DONUTS|VOTE|Percent| |:-|:-|:-|:-|:-| |20200520|85.4M|81.6M|46.6M|57.1%| |20200808|98.1M|93.3M|42M|45%| |20200811|101.1M|96.3M|39.6M|41.1%| |20200816|101.5M|96.5M|37.7M|39.0%| |20201122|112M|110.5M|32.9M|29.8%| As to what wallets are doing: |DATE|0-vote wallets|DONUTs in 0-vote wallets|wallets with more DONUTS than CONTRIB|DONUTS in wallets with D>C| |:-|:-|:-|:-|:-| |20200520|281|24.1M|55|21.9M| |20200808|661|50M|44|8.3M| |20200811|875|54M|39|5.0M| |20200816|986|56.1M|34|4.8M| |20201122|3394|74.9M|32|5.8M| Interesting fact is the number of new wallets with CONTRIB over this time is up 38 from 557 to 595 unique registered wallets. Wallets with DONUTS up from 753 to 1091 to 1293 to 1376, 1376-3754 a big jump in wallets with 0 CONTRIB and DONUTs We have 6x more wallets now with DONUTS than > 0 CONTRIB. How many wallets with CONTRIB can vote? |DATE|Wallets > 0 vote|Wallets with > 0 CONTRIB|% voter retention| |:-|:-|:-|:-| |20200520|473|553|85.5%| |20200808|431|556|77.4%| |20200811|410|556|73.7%| |20200816|390|557|70.0%| |20201122|360|595|60.5%| ​ If you want other information feel free to make a request and offer up some DONUTS as I am steadily raising funds to hire and pay for someone who can get me the on-chain data required for these kinds of reports. Goal is to be able to take snapshots of the data and automate analysis and produce snapshot data time graphs etc. Top 20 voters by wallet and vote. ​ |Wallet|CONTRIB|DONUTS|VOTE| |:-|:-|:-|:-| |0x95d9bed31423eb7d5b68511e0352eae39a3cdd20|5326241|4780974|4780974| |0xbea18a39a1cee253705eb5e966fe23f26dd109ef|5350465|2545021|2545021| |0x009af493e9a3a3ba3dffbf734e1b2a5b0352df46|3437619|2444620|2444620| |0x52727e01d666bef35cef630e14e096ca873d2783|2121902|2064979|2064979| |0x6aa08e1e39958055836f31906c6ff8c072e8c0f3|1694736|1668744|1668744...
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