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'Ethereum Will Handle Millions of Transactions Per Second within Two Years' -- Joe Lubin at SXSW

Joe Lubin at SXSW: Ethereum Will Handle Millions of Transactions Per Second Within Two Years All the highlights from the SXSW keynote, including insights on ConsenSys token launches, crypto markets, and interoperability.

Mar 14

All photos by Joe Bender

In one of the most hotly anticipated addresses of SXSW Interactive, ConsenSys founder Joe Lubin took the stage today in Austin to offer a waypoint for Ethereum, ConsenSys, and the global blockchain ecosystem alongside the ZigZag podcast’s Manoush Zomorodi. The talk capped off the debut year of the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency track at SXSW Interactive, which featured the world’s leading blockchain startups and tech pioneers charting the course of decentralization.

Even beyond the official track, it became clear at SXSW 2019 that the decentralization movement has grown far beyond the confines of just blockchain a cryptocurrency. Nearly every single track — from Entertainment to Esports, Marketing, Health, Canna-business, and Media — was rife with ideas promoting the disintermediation of agency from centralized forces to revert power back into the hands of creators and individuals.

“ConsenSys has been described as ‘one of the blockchain world’s most ambitious and well-funded startups’ by The Verge,” explained SXSW in advance of the talk. “Yet, Lubin does not appear satisfied with the status quo. ConsenSys continues to invest in promising startups, and the blockchain industry overall continues to grow at a rapid pace. In his SXSW keynote, Lubin will be joined by a special guest for an honest conversation about what lies ahead for ConsenSys, a number of its bold endeavors, and the entire blockchain ecosystem, which at times seems to move faster than the speed of light.”

To a packed auditorium at the Hilton in downtown Austin, Lubin offered a wide-reaching overview touching upon a number of essential issues defining ConsenSys and blockchain in 2019 and beyond.

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