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Back in the early days I’d maintained the news here with “Bonehead’s news to come”. It quickly became too hard to maintain with my RL work. Well, for my Reddit Bday, I want to give a shout out to Evan Van Ness and his “Week in Ethereum News”. Thank you Evan!

October 11, 2017 Ethereum News and Links Byzantium hard fork is October 16.  Update your clients - geth 1.7.2 and Parity 1.7.6 (post-publication edit: Parity has released some hotfixes and the current version is now 1.7.6. Geth also released a new version)  


Stuff for developers




Project Announcements

Reality Check: “crowd-sourced smart contract oracle”StakeTree: timed release of staked Ether to fund projects.  Somewhat similar to Catallax Trust.Dopameme: meme trading platformKiosk: ecommerce platform, live on Kovan.Centre: Circle’s pivot is a protocol for payment apps to talk to each other (ie Venmo talks to AliPay)  

Project Updates


Interviews and Talks


Token Sales

Vitalik: “what I am against is protocols that really do not need to have their own tokens for any technical reason shoving a token into their protocol”


Token Sale Projects


Dates of note

From Token Sale Calendar:  

Upcoming token sale start dates:

Ongoing token sales:

WARNING: list may include or even likely includes scams and quasi-scams.  Do your own research and due diligence before putting value at risk.

Want to be included?  If you are building your project on Ethereum, email weekinethereum @ gmail [period] com with 1) your URL, 2) sale date and 3) a brief but convincing description of how you are using Ethereum, preferably with a link to your Github repo.  Listings are free.  But please make sure to follow those instructions.  If you don’t follow the instructions, you likely won’t get a response.

[I aim for a relatively comprehensive list of Ethereum sales, but make no warranty as to even whether they are legit; as such, I thus likewise warrant nothing about whether any will produce a satisfactory return. I have passed the CFA exams, but this is not investment a...

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